Recent Project Gallery

J&S Construction, Cookeville, TN

TQE recently commissioned a 38.64kW Solar array for J&S Construction. The customer supplied and designed a racking structure that would create an appealing display for the system. The inverter is a SMA Sunny Tower 36kW which includes wireless communication for real-time system monitoring from inside the building.

TVA Melton Hill Dam, Lenoir City, TN

TQE installed a 1.8kW Solar Flair at the Dam fishing area. The system features a custom mounting frame and a dual-axis tracking system. This optimizes performance and accounts for changes in both sun angle and the path the sun follows from east to west every day. This system proves the solar panels don’t have to look like a large square billboard. The shape of the flair creates an eye appealing showpiece.

TN Technology Center, Red Boiling Springs, TN

TQE has worked with TTC and Richard Bransford to provide a student built solar system. The unique frames were designed, fabricated, and installed by a talented group of students in Mr. Bransford’s HVAC class. They received help from the schools welding and electrical program. The array consists of a 2kW grid tie system with a single panel battery back-up. This powers the LED flood lights which light up the sign at night.

Aircraft Hangar, Nashville Airport, TN

TQE installed a 47.25kW solar system on the roof of an aircraft hanger in Music City. The panels are fastened with S-5 mounting clamps attached to the standing seam roof with NO roof penetrations. Power was connected to a Solectria PVI-60kW inverter and produces energy back to NES grid power.

Richard Grogan, Cookeville, TN

TQE installed a 12.6kW system on the roof of Richard Grogan’s House in Cookeville, TN. The system consists of two separate 6.2 kW panel arrays each proving power to SMA 6000W inverters. The grid tie system is connected to the line side of Cookeville’s Electric Department.

Allen Morris, Fairview, TN

TQE installed a 3.2kW System on a custom Pergola in Fairview, TN. The structure was constructed by Nelson and his team at Countryside Woodcraft. This system provides a functional space while providing an attractive option requiring no holes to be drilled into the customer’s house.

TQI, Cookeville, TN

TQE installed a 45.2kW system on the roof of TQI in Cookeville, TN. This array consists of 220 Evergreen panels which feed a Satcon 50kW Powergate Inverter. The system produced 52MW of electricity in its first year of operation. TQI continues to produce more electricity than they consume.