Recent Projects

  • TQESolar

    J&S Construction TQE installed a 38.64kW system on a custom structure for J&S Construction in Cookeville, TN.

  • TQESolar

    TVA Melton Lake TQE installed a 1.8kW solar flair for TVA at the Melton Lake Dam in Lanoir City, TN.

Industrial Solutions

TQE is focused both residentially and commercially. We will custom build any size system that will meet your needs. We engineer solar and wind applications to your consumption, available budget, and space available. We pride ourselves on unparalled Quality and Service.

Independent Installers

Our Guarantee is not only our work, we also guarantee the production of the Solar Systems. We offer a 90% guarantee on our quoted production. If the Solar system does not produce atleast 90% of what we calculate, we will reimburse you upto the 90% guarantee.

Homeowner Info

If you are a homeowner and you are wanting to offset your bill by adding a few solar panels or a windmill. We can design a system that is both cost effective and energy efficient. This inturn will lower your monthly bills and increase the value of your home.

Total Quality Environmental

Why TQE?

Total Quality Environmental was created to provide the southeast with multiple energy saving products. We exist to provide services, products, and support to the Alternative Energy Industry. We sell, design, and install complete wind and solar systems. We treat our customers as individuals and create systems that fit their unique needs in energy production. Our systems are economically priced to provide an accelerated payout.

We exist to provide:

- Solar & Wind Generating Systems
- Custom Engineered Solar Layouts
- Professional Site Evaluations
- Unparalled Quality and Service
- Guaranteed Solar Results